Project time tracking

Intuitive and simple: keep track and successfully manage your external projects.
This OrgOS module has been specifically created for project-oriented companies:
Of each employee
the costs of each project

For project managers

Manage projects: quickly create new projects, adapt existing ones, flexibly assign team members to one or more projects, assign different hourly rates to each employee.
Define the budget and the number of estimated hours per project.
Project reports and controlling: track progress in real time, display cost evaluation per project based on employee hours and workload share, complete status overview of individual projects, and much more.

For project members

Quickly and easily record the number of project hours via start/stop time-entry.
Access the collected data at any time, from anywhere.
Track the progress of your projects: estimated hours, hours worked and progress of projects.
Thanks to OrgOS, we have the perfect overview of time/money spent and efficiency of the individual projects in real time so that we can actively adjust at any point. The OrgOS project time tracking module has helped us to centralize all our projects and to optimize the allocation of our consultants to projects according to their uptodate capacities. Our employees are more productive and relaxed due to the more evenly distributed and constant workload.
Ana Expósito
HR Manager @ TechOnRails
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