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Software that sorts your employees' data and processes so you don't have to.

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Free yourself from HR administration

Put your HR department on autopilot. Free yourself from tedious work and save time to focus on what matters most: your people.

All in one place
OrgOS allows to manage your employee data, documents, vacation, salary, onboarding, and engagement. All in one place. All digital.
Friendly support, by your side
We're always available for you. Phone, email, or through the in-app chat.
Beautiful and easy to use
HR software doesn't have to be boring. OrgOS is beautiful and easy to use. The setup process is also very quick, you will be up and running in the day.
We care
Your data is safe with us. We store it in Germany and our infrastructure is fully compliant with EU Data Privacy law and regulations.
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One place

Everything you need to take care of your employees is in the same place. Easily find everything that relates to your people--from emergency contacts to compensation history. With one Excel upload, OrgOS automatically creates a digital profile for each employee that is accessible from anywhere. No more emails to HR to update information.

Time off

Total visibility about absences. Never walk around asking people if Bob is in. Just go to OrgOS and have complete visibility about your company and team absences. Track different types of absences and let employees attach relevant documents to absence requests. No more spreadsheets, sorting, and complicated formulas.


Onboard new people with ease. Complete paperwork before your new hire starts. Lean back and see how everyone meets the new hire on their first weeks. Automatically send welcome emails and introductions.


As your team grows, it becomes harder to maintain culture and employee engagement. OrgOS collects anonymous feedback from your team on a regular basis with informal surveys, then uses that data to gauge employees' overall happiness so that you can take action proactively.

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